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“Malahat” balm and gel prevents hair fall, and stimulates the formation of new hair growth. Eliminates dandruff, rash and seborrhea due to its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal activity. Promotes healthy and vibrant hair growth, nourishes active hair follicles, thickens hair strands, revitalizes, and increases hair volume and strength. Stimulates hair regrowth in total alopecia (total baldness) sections.





NARGIZ natural treatment center in Baku 2006 - at your service since. During this time, the city has gained a great reputation among medical centers. NARGIZ natural methods to treat the number of patients who were admitted to the center is increasing day by day. Apply to all parts of the medical center. NARGIZ natural methods of treating various medical fields regularly provides you with the doctors from Iran. NARGIZ the most advanced diagnostic devices and natural methods of treating diseases with the help of laboratory tests accurately diagnosed. The basic principle of our patients fəaliyətimizin natural botanicals to provide high-quality medical service. NARGIZ natural methods of treatment by highly qualified professors, medical sciences, there are higher grade doctors. NARGIZ effective natural treatment methods of treatment, which is highly qualified doctors working in the center plazmafarez, ozonoterapiyadan tend to treat the disease accurately.

NARGIZ hidrokolonterapiya method of using natural methods, using the most modern technology in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract is an effective treatment of acute and chronic diseases. With the help of this method the body, especially the stomach intestines cleaned Therefore, weight loss and body rejuvenation program is used to carry out the hidrokolonterapiyadan. A number of gynecological diseases, as well as a medical center for treatment of an immune-based infertilities gained great achievements. NARGIZ natural methods to treat diabetes and diabetes insipidus and women in the center of the most modern treatment of climacteric neurosis is underway. Varicose veins of high professional level of our medical center are treated with the method of skreloterapiya genəlməsi. In other words, every person who applies NARGIZ natural treatment center, along with high-quality medical care can be covered with the care of medical staff.


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